Teddy Tank Plastic One Gallon Fish Bowl Stuffed Animal

Teddy Tank Cute Fish Bowl for Kids

Teddy Tank Stuffed Animals can be dressed up on the outside and have live fish in the inside. The belly of the stuffed animal is a clear shatterproof plastic bowl. If you would rather you can put other items in the plastic bowl, like cookies, candy, money and more.

The tank has shatterproof plastic, so you can also store toys, money, candy or any other treasure you find. Teddy Tanks make for a great gift, giving you two types of fun in one.

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Pearl White Bear

Kids love stuffed animals and kids love fish! Now with these stuffed animal fish tanks they get both in one.

These stuffed animals are not your usually stuffed animals. It is a plush animal that has a clear 1-gallon shatterproof  bowl. The bowl can be used for many items and even including live fish. Your child can choose to store other items in the plastic bowl like candy, marbles, baseball cards, coins and small toys.

This adorable furry soft friend is a great gift idea for both kids and adults!

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