Thermal Aid Zoo for Kids Aches and Pains

Thermal-Aid Zoo Stuffed Animals

Thermal-Aid is a revolutionary, 100 % all-natural therapeutic heating/cooling pack specifically created for children to reduce swelling, soothe a fever, and alleviate aches.

The Thermal-Aid Zoo has been university checked & the doctor suggested it. It is cuddly, washable, and calming.

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals come in many different characters, including Jo Monkey,   Buckley Bear, Happy Hippo, Ollie Koala, Baxtor Bunny, Bella Bear, or Tiny Elephant.

thermal aid characters

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals can be heated up in the microwave and cooled in the fridge. They are from 100 % natural cotton and a patented heating/cooling aspect of a specifically crafted corn. Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals are hand washable, permitting you to use them repeatedly.

If your child has a high fever or a sprained ankle, give them a Thermal-Aid Zoo to reduce the high fever or reduce the swelling.

Thermal Zoo Aid Animal