Bit 360 Screwdriver with Screw Bits Chamber

Bit 360 As Seen On TV Screwdriver with Bits

Bit 360 is the revolutionary 6-in-1 screwdriver where all you do is spin and secure the best piece for an excellent fit every time. Change from a Phillips heads bit to a flat bit quickly. With typical screwdrivers, you would require six different devices for six additional screws. Bit 360 manages them all with one tool.

The secret is the quick change chamber, which revolves 360º with each bit safely inside. Just draw to get rid of the current bit, spin to switch to the bit you want, and press to load and lock. As well as, Bit 360 uses magnets, so the screw stays tight and secure on the bit without dropping. Stop running up and down the ladder looking for the right screwdriver; obtain the BIT 360. With the BIT 360, you have to slide, lock, and twist to achieve the best-sized bit for any screw.

The Bit 360 magnetic screwdriver comes with six ordinary screwdriver heads. However, you can additionally load your personal up in it for special projects! The Bit 360 Screwdriver is a multi-bit screwdriver that features a quick modification bit head that maintains your bits secured from being misplaced and lost!

So what bits do you get with this offer? You get a Phillips ph1, ph2, ph3, and flat v3, v4, and v6. Making use of the Bit 360 is very easy! Only pull back, twist the cylindrical tube to the bit you desire, and press at the back!

Merely draw it to eliminate the bit, spin it to transform it, and press it to load a brand-new bit. It consists of 6 typical screwdriver bits, or you can pack the ones you currently have. Say goodbye to missing bits or losing them. You are made to endure all types of wear & tear.

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