Olde Brooklyn Lantern Vintage Style Lamp

Olde Brooklyn Lantern

Olde Brooklyn Lantern is a vintage-style lantern with new LED technology! Olde Brooklyn Lantern is an antique lantern with modern LED lights that have been advertised on television and can last a lifetime!

Now you can enjoy an antique lantern’s soft light without the danger of an active open flame. The nine ultra-bright LED light bulbs will last 100,000 hours and do not emit any heat. It stays cool to the touch. With a built-in dimmer, you can control how much light you want or don’t want.

The vintage lamp is crafted just like antique lanterns from genuine metal with a classic Brooklyn design, hence the name.

You’ll enjoy The Olde Brooklyn Lantern by Telebrands for many, many years to come. Please don’t keep many old flashlights in a drawer since they never work when you need them! Their batteries always seem to run out quickly.

The Olde Brooklyn Lantern has 12 ultra-bright LED bulbs that provide a brighter, longer-lasting light that fills the whole room and gives you plenty of sunshine!

Perfect for the home, patio, camping, and much more.

Reasons to Buy The Olde Brooklyn Lantern

Nine ultra-bright LED bulbs
Durable metal construction with a shatterproof dome
Built-in dimmer switch
Safe to use anywhere — stays cool to the touch
Great for when the power’s out

Olde Brooklyn Lantern™ is excellent for many indoor and outdoor activities.

Perfect for parties on the patio.
Excellent for lighting up the campsite.
Ideal for anywhere you need to see in the dark!

Olde Brooklyn Lantern is safe to use anywhere because it is always cool to the touch. Traditional lanterns often use a dangerous open flame.