Gripeez Peel and Stick Gripper Pads

Gripeez for hanging stuff and keeps objects such as rugs in place.

Gripeez Peel and Stick

Gripeez is the ultra peel-and-stick, a double-sided grip that can hold up to 5-lbs. They should stay in place until you remove them. They remove quickly with no residue or damage left behind.

You can now easily hang just about anything in seconds with Gripeez peel and stick grippers. You are sure to find uses for them indoors as well as outdoors. These grips are a new way to hang things on your walls without damaging or leaving a mark.

As seen On TV, Gripeez Awesome Features:

Removes easily with zero damage!
3″ x 2.5″ Non-slip double-sided grip
Holds over 5 lbs.
Re-use over 1000 times
Leaves no sticky residue

Put away that glue, tape, and nails. Those objects can cause damage to your walls or other surfaces.

Gripeez is washable, so you can use them over and over again. They are great for many projects around the home. Perfect for hanging decorations, pictures, posters, and more on almost any surface type like tile, drywall, plastic, steel, glass, and even wood.

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