Lock and Rollin TV Offer DIY Attic Flooring Solution

Lock & Rollin Flooring

Lock and Rollin 4 Piece Starter Pack – Special TV Offer Not Available in Stores

Lock & Rollin Flooring

Lock & Rollin is Durable and also Super-Strong

With Lock & Rollin Flooring you can start using that wasted space in our attic. Turn it into a great storage space by installing the Lock and Rollin System today!

Lock & Rollin Flooring Solution is constructed from space-age polymers that can hold up to 250 pounds each square foot, as well as is 30 % – 40 % lighter compared to plywood. Which makes it safer as well as simpler to bring around your attic.


Lock & Rollin is impervious to moisture, and will not weaken when washed. It is suggested nonetheless to utilize only a damp mop as added water from a sopping mop may soak right into surrounding insulation or even onto the underlying sheetrock of your ceiling below. The beautiful timber grain surface will indeed remain stunning for years to come with proper periodic cleaning.

Lock & Rollin Flooring can hold an impressive 250 pounds each square foot. That equates to several thousand pounds each roll, or as much weight as your attic can safely hold. However, be aware that per square foot is about the area of weight disbursed by the object placed on it: as an example several loads, huge vast boxes or chests can be firmly held by Lock & Rollin Flooring as boxes have a huge vast foot print.

A table, with 4 pointed and tiny footprint legs could exceed the 250 pounds. weight limitation if positioned on Lock & Rollin Flooring, as table legs focus load onto 4 small factors about the size of the legs. Consequently, it is recommended that things such as table be put over the joists to make sure that the load will certainly remain stable; nonetheless, you will find that Lock & Rollin will certainly stand the difficulty of most big and bulky storage space bins, boxes as well as containers you could load it, an advancing weight of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Order Lock and Rollin 4 Piece Starter Pack – Special TV Offer Not Available in Stores