Dial Vision Adjustable Far and Near Sighted Eyeglasses

Dial Vision Adjustable Reading and Distance Glasses without a Prescription!

Dial Vision is a pair of adjustable focus-controlled glasses. Use the eyeglasses, then readjust the dial to control the magnifying. Great for reading as well as distance. No prescription is required. Adapt to what magnification is best for your eyes with just a dial click.

A lot of things can happen to your costly prescription glasses. They could break on you, get lost, or your prescription can alter, leading to another visit to the eye doctor! They were developed in Oxford, England, by leading optical specialists. This eyewear is among the world’s first glasses you change to provide crystal clear vision. As you move the dial, you change the lenses until your prescription feels matched. You could even adjust them to become reading glasses!

Dial Vision is the very best adjustable lens eyeglasses!

Like two pairs of glasses in one!

Conveniently see close for reading or change for far distance with these adjustable glasses. These fantastic glasses have two-section lenses with adjustable dials. They’re perfect as a backup pair if you lose or damage them.

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dial vision

The Dial Vision glasses permit individuals to personalize their glasses themselves without needing a prescription. They can dial in the mirrors to change from far distance range glasses to reading glasses. So this non-prescription eyewear is terrific for reading as well as long distance. These glasses are excellent for elders and also for all ages.

See your world with a much clearer vision.

The adjustable focus reading glasses. Do you read in bed a great deal? If so, it would undoubtedly be an excellent idea to keep a pair of these reading glasses by your bedside. Are you constantly losing your reading and also your driving glasses? How good would it be to have simply one pair of glasses for all your demands? One team for the tasks and the same one for driving and seeing distances. Dial Vision has an adjustable dial that transforms to various degrees for near and long distances. Great for both nearsighted and far-sighted people. This distinct pair of glasses will certainly help that you are never without crisp and clear vision.

Excellent quality, impact-resistant optical lenses have a versatile, solid frame. It comes with a protective case!