Futzuki Foot Mat Reflexology Massager and Foot Pain Relief

Futzuki Foot Mat As Seen On TV Foot Massage Mat

The Futzuki is a massage mat for your feet that uses reflexology to help eliminate pain and discomfort. Once you step onto the Futzuki Mat, you should feel instant relief. 

The foot mat gently massages heels, toes, arcs, and pads. The carpet sends out pain-relieving signals also while massaging, using over 2,800 reflexology factors. Futzuki Foot Mat can temporarily eliminate pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heels, arches, and again foot tingling while likewise helping with circulation.

What is plantar fasciitis, and why do you get heel pain?

Plantar Fascia is the band of muscle placed just below the arch of your foot. It is the connecting cells that hold the turn of the foot to the forefoot. This swelling of the plantar fascia is the primary source of discomfort for plantar fasciitis. It is one of the most common reasons for heel discomfort and is also very typically called a heel spur. Excessive extending of the plantar fascia triggers heel pain, arch discomfort, and heel spurs.

Futzuki Pain Relief Mat

Futzuki Foot Mat massaging mat includes up to 2,800 edge reflexology points that should assist in easing your foot pain about plantar fasciitis, joint inflammation, prickling, and various other foot discomfort issues.


Reflexology traces its roots to ancient Egypt and China, where very early medical professionals uncovered the link between points on the feet and organs throughout the body. Applying mild stress to these factors is believed to boost blood circulation, boost metabolic rate, and relieve discomfort.

To consider is that aging and being overweight can cause more foot pain. But thankfully, with this new reflexology technology, the min you step on the Futzuki, your foot discomfort begins to diminish. You’ll enjoy a comforting massage of your heels, arches, and spheres of your feet and toes as over 2,800 reflexology points function their wonders! Use it standing or resting to relieve pain triggered by diabetes mellitus, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Futzuki Foot Mat