Relief Wrap Massaging Heating Pad As Seen On TV

Thermapulse Relief Wrap

Relief Wrap is a massaging extra large heating pad for your shoulders, neck & back!

Thermapulse Relief Wrap combines innovative warmth therapy with a luxurious micro-plush material to provide you with warmth and relaxing comfort to melt away stress!

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Kick back with the Relief Wrap and enjoy relief from throbbing joints as well as muscle pain. Created to help you relax and revitalize. The Relief Wrap heats up to a comfortable temperature and also helps with achy joints and muscular tissues for maximum relief. Therapeutic massage and cozy warmth for substantial relief!

Relief Wrap is a massaging extra large heating pad for your shoulders, neck & back!

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Thermapulse Relief Wrap is the extra-long massaging heart wrap that helps soothe sore muscles and achy joints from your neck and shoulders down to your lower back! Penetrating heat combined with vibrating massage work to comfort and relax muscles and joints, leaving you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated!

Relief Wrap feels good on your back, neck, and shoulder and helps to relieve tension! Aid those achy joints and muscles and find relief. Kick back, improve blood circulation, boost blood flow, and a lot more! The extra big soft luxurious design gives complete coverage over your troubled areas, relieving symptoms fast with two heat setups and four massage therapy settings. The heating pad comes with weight edges, so it stays in place, a digital LED controller, and a 2-hour auto-off. Utilize it anywhere!

The Thermapulse Relief Wrap’s unique design targets the neck, back, and shoulder areas.

The neck, shoulder, and back heat wrap relieve stress and aids in alleviating throbbing muscles and joints. The contoured fit reaches those hard-to-reach areas! With lightly heavy sides and a magnetic hold, the large wrap makes it possible to cover your back. Also, get a nice snug, personalized fit that is sure to stay in place. Take a nice relaxing and obtain spa-like experience in your own home. The two warm settings allow you to personalize your treatment! Turn on Thermapulse Relief Wrap to your desired location.

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