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Be active Pressure Brace for Back Pain

Is Low Back Pain-Affecting Your Life and also Work?

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BeActive Pressure Brace is the As Seen On TV Lower Back Pain Pressure Brace

The pain may be chronic or severe and is usually created by various back spine diseases and ailments. Sciatic nerve pain is a pain that includes the sciatic nerve and influences the lower area of the back, the rear of the thighs, and buttocks.

Pressure Point Brace

BeActive Plus Brace

The Reactive Pressure Brace is one size fits all. Works on a right or left leg. Use over or undergarments. The pressure pad in the brace applies targeted pressure to the particular pressure point that could give sciatic and associated back pain alleviation. Decreases both temporary as well as persistent sciatic pain in the back. It is quick and also simple to apply. It’s discreet and hidden under your clothing.

There could be many reasons and symptoms of Lower back pain. The pain can be symptomatic and could be triggered by different factors. The sharp pain could be caused by a strain or a muscle tear, which could be intensified by heavy lifting or extended use of back muscles within 24 hrs of the injury, causing kink or soreness. Chronic Pain can be caused by being overweight or pregnant. Bad posture can also cause chronic pain.

Relief from Back Pain

BeActive Pressure Brace aids to offer relief from back pain and related sciatic nerve pain. Get alleviation from reduced back pain, pain relevant to sciatic nerve pain, maternity, and more. Lower back pain also involves the leg where the pain radiates down the leg; herniated disks typically aggravate the sciatic nerve.

Low back pain has been the 2nd most common ailment affecting 80 % of the general United States population at some point in life.

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