Easy Feet Foot Scrubber Clean and Massage

Easy Feet Foot Scrubber

Easy Feet is a foot massage every day with over 1000 bristles to gently massage and clean the top bottom of feet. No more stretching, bending over or falling in the shower when you wash your feet.

Easy Feet is great for feet of all ages. Adults and children alike can benefit from cleaner, healthier feet. No more bending to clean your feet! Built-in pumice stone! Cleans, exfoliates & massages! Over 1,000 bristles. Suction cup bottom grips to any floor. Secures to any tub or shower! Smooth’s heel with the pumice stone. Built-in suction cups to hold it in place. It’s like getting a pedicure every day!

Just secure Easy Feet to any smooth shower or tub surface, and its built-in suction pads will hold it in place. Easy feet secure to just about any surface.

Easy Feet cleans and massages your feet from heel to toe. Get a nice pedicure in the comfort of your own home. Eliminate dry, cracked skin in just one minute without bending or stretching.