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Luma Flameless Candles

Luma Candles Flameless Wax Candles Perfect for Any Decor!

These outstanding actual wax candles have a great fresh vanilla scent and also they alter colors. Produce soft candlelight for any kind of celebration with Luma Candles, fresh, vanilla-scented candles that are flameless, totally risk-free and also dripless.

Just what are the best features of Luma Candles?

Luma Candles are flameless, color-changing candles that supply hours of resilient lighting! Genuine wax candles consist of no wicks, The LED light bulbs inside each candle create a rainbow of shades and also last for 100,000’s of hours!

Luma Candles- The Flameless Fragrance Candle

There are 12 illuminating shade choices. The remote which is multi-function offers you the incredible power to transform the setting and also the state of mind of any type of area you are in. The consisted of multi-function remote control/timer allows you to transform candles on or off, established timer for 4 or 8 hrs, choose from 12 shade choices, and also change flicker strength.

Bring in ambiance as well as charm to any type of interior or outside setting. There is a color for each celebration. Luma Candles bring light and also scent with each other to improve your overall mind and body encounter.

Luma Candles Wax Flameless Candles provide you with twelve illuminating color alternatives. The multi-function remote of the Luma Candles offers you the power to transform the state of mind and also ambiance of any type of area you’re in. Luma Candles are excellent for unwinding in the bathtub, charming guests, out on the veranda and also much more. The candles are made from genuine paraffin wax, however, do not make a mess or drip. The faux-flame is great and also safe to the touch.

The candles have 12 illuminating shade alternatives. They are much safer compared to genuine candles considering that there is no flame, making them cool to the touch. They are made from actual paraffin wax with a fresh vanilla scent. No unpleasant wax overflow. Includes a remote so you could set a timer for 4 or 8 hrs. Acquire 100,000 hrs of candlelight. These candles create an ideal present all year.