Luminess Air Brush System Hollywood Type Makeup

Luminess Air

The Luminess Airbrush Makeup System can bring you the same type of airbrushing procedure that celebrities and models use from the runway to your home. It is very easy to apply an even and soft layer that matches your skin tone.

Everyday makeup for every woman, to apply at home! Get professional looking flawless skin.

Luminess Air is the very same type of airbrush system that has been used on television, in the movies and in print in magazines to help make sure the celebrities appearance look extremely flawless. Now Luminess Air brings that professional technology to your home for everyone to use. It’s easy, fast and the results are really breathtaking. Look gorgeous with just the right natural looking cosmetics.

As a woman, you probably have opened a women’s magazine at some point of time and wondered how do those models get that flawless natural look on their face without any blemishes. However, most of the time you will find the real secret behind this is airbrush makeup, like luminess air.

Luminess Air

Airbrush makeup has become widely popular and has actually existed for several years now. The Luminess Airbrush System is a popular product which is available for home use giving you professional results, like models and actresses. It is through the introduction of luminess air makeup that ordinary women like us are able to use this fabulous product and obtain similar flawless results like those models we usually find in magazines and in the movies.

The entire system weights only 1.5lbs! Use it every day or take it with you while traveling. No assembly required.

So no matter what you’re the skin tone is, every woman can use a little help looking their best. Celebrities, models, and actors get the royal treatment from their makeup artists, so why shouldn’t you? The secret weapon to the celebrity artists is airbrushing.

Luminess Air uses the very the same technology used in those Red Carpet appearances and makes it simple for you to duplicate these fabulous, flawless looks at home. We all know many other foundations  and cosmetics can clog those pores, and make blemishes stand out on your skin. Luminess Air foundation applies only a fine to your skin, this allows your own natural beauty to shine through your skin while hiding those blemishes which can be related to problem skin and aging. Have flawless looking skin every day!