Lauren Hutton Face Disc Invisible Makeup

Lauren Hutton Face Disc Makeup System

Lauren Hutton Face Disc

So what is wrong with regular makeup? As we get older, we tend to cover up those fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Wearing ordinary makeup may help us achieve this, but it usually feels cumbersome on the front, it can be too thick, and your face may feel oily and dirty. The makeup tends to cake up and exaggerates pores.

Order the Invisible Texture Makeup by Lauren Hutton!

Lauren Hutton came up with makeup that feels invisible when you have it on. Her Face Disc cosmetics is so delicate in color and light in texture. But it gives you beautiful transformational powers.

You apply the makeup with very tiny brush strokes in just the right places and with the proper techniques. Get rid of the signs of aging from your face. Look younger again only by using Laureen Hutton’s Face Disc system!

The makeup that comes in the Face Disc Compact allows you to use shadow and light to bring beautiful balance back into your face. The sheer, uniquely pigmented colors and textures help give you a very youthful and natural look that doesn’t look like you’re wearing any makeup. Because of this, Lauren calls her cosmetics Invisible Makeup!