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dial vision

Dial Vision Adjustable Far and Near Sighted Eyeglasses

Dial Vision Adjustable Reading and Distance Glasses without a Prescription! Dial Vision is a pair of adjustable focus-controlled glasses. Use the eyeglasses, then readjust... Read more »
Instant 20/20 Glasses

Instant 20/20 Vision Adjustable Eyeglasses and Readers

Instant 20/20 Adjustable Eyeglasses Instant 20/20 adjustable eyeglasses you dial in for clearer vision, instantly. The eyeglasses are for far and nearsighted vision. They... Read more »

Zoomies Binocular glasses

Zoomies - The Compact, High Power Binoculars You Wear Like Sunglasses. Are you tired of struggling to see sporting events, concerts, and fine print?... Read more »