Tag Away Liquid Skin Tag Remover

Tag Away Skin Tag Remedy

Tag Away removes skin tags in an all-natural, homeopathic way.

This topical treatment is made from a special formula which includes the key ingredients of natural plant extracts and Thuja occidentalis. No more freezing off skin tags, with Tag Away you can remove those unsightly skin growth naturally.

Skin Growth

If you have skin growth, you’re not alone. Almost half of all adults are estimated to have these types of skin growth according to the National Institute of Health. These tiny skintags, or tiny bits of soft, raised skin, form generally in areas where skin rubs against other skin.

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Tag Away works! Their formula is specifically designed with natural plant extracts and the active ingredient Thuja occidentalis to completely remove skin marks on all areas of the body without scars or discomfort.

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Benefits of TagAway Remover

• All-Natural • No Scarring • No Pain • No Chemicals • All Skin Types • Dries & Falls Away • Works in 3-8 Weeks

TagAway Skin Remover removes skin tags the all-natural way with its special formula that contains natural plant extracts and the active ingredient Thuja occidentalis – a pure essential oil recognized for its tag-removing properties.

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