Shower Wow LED Rainbow Shower Head Light

Shower Wow Rainbow Showerhead

The Shower Wow has seven vibrant shades that are fun for kids and adults. It is simple to set up and fits in any shower with no battery required or power. The seven LED shades to shift instantly, producing a relaxing shower experience every single time.

This Rainbow shower head makes washing up a relaxing and soothing colorful experience! Easy to mount, change your showering into an interesting colorful experience! No hardware or batteries required. Changes immediately in between vivid shades of light blue, teal, green, orange, purple, red, and blue. A colorful rainbow led light watering experience. You can change your washing time into an interesting, vivid, and so relaxing experience.

as seen on tv shower wow

With this innovative LED bathroom light, it is sure to brighten your day. Play some music when you are showering to make it even more entertaining and relaxing. A truly vivid as well as stress-free experience. This rainbow shower head Wow is an ingenious means to spruce up your shower time without costly add.

Transform your bathing time right into an interesting and vivid experience with the Shower Wow Head. With 7 dynamic colors powered by your water pressure, this showerhead will certainly change the way you wash up!

Change your early morning shower into a multicolored techno experience with an As Seen on TV LED Shower Head. Very easy to install. You remove your current shower and replace it with this one.