Red Copper Mug Travel Mug Sealed Base Prevents Tips

Red Copper Mug

The Red Copper Mug is the taste-saving red copper ceramic mug ideal for travel. This is a tremendous flavor-saving cup. Check out the limited-time special double offer on this travel cup—one of the best mugs that keeps your drinks hot or cold. The Red Copper Mug comes with a leak-proof lead, and a vacuum base keeps the mug standing up.

The patented Drip-Guard lid stops leakages and dripping, while the excellent tip-proof gripper bottom keeps the mug standing until you raise it to open! Dishwasher safe, 9″H; fits the majority of cup holders.

Red Copper Mug keeps your beverage fresh all day and will not leak with a leak-proof lid with a patented drip guard design. The mug has a ceramic twin-wall surface that creates a taste-conserving seal and won’t tip over with the vacuum base that secures the surface area where stuck. Red Copper Mug will not leave a bitter or metallic taste and remains cold for 12 hrs or hot for as much as 6 hours.

The Copper Mug aids to maintain your beverage fresh all day and has a double-wall building and construction, which produces a taste-saving seal. It is a terrific mug that is extremely difficult to tip over. When struck, the vacuum base locks to the surface area releases when lifted; pretty awesome. It also has a watertight lid that has a patented drip guard design. The mug is dishwasher safe.

The Red Copper Mug keeps the temperature of the liquid for numerous hrs. Long after filling up the cup, you’ll still enjoy fresh, tasty, piping-hot coffee or icy-cold soft drink! Unlike various other steel traveling mugs, the copper-clad face is BPA-free and double insulated ceramic, so there’s no metallic icky taste! A special flavor-saving seal makes specific coffee should never taste burnt or charred, and soft drinks also stay carbonated and fresh!

With the As Seen On TV Red Copper Mug, your coffee, you should never taste bitter and cold drinks. Stay cool. The trick is in the dual and integrated wall with a unique mug building and construction that produces a solid seal inside the mug that should make the taste last all through the day. Please keep it in your bag, and don’t worry about a splashed liquid. Your beverage will still be warm when you get where you’re going. Maintain your coffee fresh all day with the Red Copper Mug!