Mattress Wedge – Bed Topper Pillow Wedge

Mattress Wedge As Seen On TV Pillow Wedge

The Mattress Wedge helps you from losing pillows and other items from the top of your bed. It stops things from sliding down the crack between the headboard and mattress. It is also great to use in the middle when you put two twin beds together to form a king-size bed.

The Mattress Wedge comes with a pillowcase and storage pockets. The storage pockets are great for storing small items, such as earplugs, glasses, remote controls, and cell phones. Stops pillows from landing under the bed and keeps them comfortably under your head!

mattress wedge

Because of its memory foam and how it is angled, it can also help you get a better night’s sleep! Stop losing your pillow that can slide down the crack in front of your headboard.

Kid’s toys disappear into the open space between the bed and wall, and you’re stuck digging in the cracks to find it all. Stop losing your phones, books, remotes, and pillows!