Kutson Mattress in a Box Bed with Dual Sided Configuration

Kuston Mattress in a Box

Kutson Mattress in a Box One of a Kind Mattress

The Kutson Mattress in a Box has 9 various degrees of firmness, from “firmest firm” and the “softest soft” and many degrees in between. Very simple to do the layering you just mix or match any two of the soft layers, medium layers as well as firm layers any way you like. Every mattress is personalized in the comfort of your very own home, so you can develop your ideal comfort mattress.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to mattresses. This unique personal layering to build just the right bedding is fantastic. We all know how important it is to get a good nights sleep. Let this company help you to achieve this night after night, lying on a mattress that was customized by you.

To start you simply unzip the cover and then swap layers till you discover the firmness that is perfect for your sleep style, comfort demands, comfort and also other personal choices. If you’re sleeping with a partner that prefers a different level degree – the opposite side of the bed is also adjustable. You get your side of comfort and they get theirs.

Mattress In a Box

Each Kutson Mattress in a Box has soft, medium as well as many other layers. Sizes Queen, King, and California King have two collections of layers. If you cannot make an excellent mix with the number of layers you receive, just call them and they’ll send one more layer at no charge.

This mattress-in-a-box is perfect for every sleeper, especially because it has the ability to be modified on each side. Say you like your mattress softer but your partner prefers a firm mattress, this is not a problem with the Kutson Mattress in a Box Brand mattress. Get a great nights sleep with a mattress that can be modified to fit just your perfect firmness.