Hurricane Fur Wizard Self Cleaning Lint Brush with Two Sides

Hurricane Fur Wizard – Hair and Pet Fur Lint Remover

With the Fur Wizard, you can easily remove dirty fur, lint, and hair from your car’s upholstery, clothing, and other fabrics. User-friendly, glide the wand over the messy material to eliminate the lint and then dip the wand once in the base to thoroughly clean it.

Hurricane Fur Wizard is a self-cleaning lint brush. One dip in the self-cleaning base eliminates fur and hair with a fast glide of this brush.

If you have family pets, you would most definitely want a pet hair eliminator. Let Hurricane Fur Wizard take on the impossible task of eliminating unwanted animal hair and dust from your furniture and clothes. The Hurricane Lint Brush catches fur swiftly and efficiently with the double-sided wand, plus size. It gets hair and dust in two times the time of an ordinarily sized lint brush.

As Seen On TV, Hurricane Fur Lint Brush Wizard Picks Up Pet Fur & Lint

The technique to the product’s success has to be the hundreds of mini bristles that act like fingers getting hold of every last little hair and lint fuzz. The self-cleaning base uses its mini strands to brush Fur Wizard clean. After that, remove the base clip to empty! This product is much better than using those annoying tape rollers that call for so many sheets and can be a pain to tear off and find the next tape’s start.

The double-sided lint brush is multi-use and very easy to keep clean. There are no refills needed, no tape, and no mess! It’s a must-have for every pet owner!

Easy to use. To ensure your Hurricane Fur Wizard functions correctly, brush away hair and dust going towards the arrow.

As Seen On TV, Hurricane Fur Wizard