Go Fan Cordless Powerful 360 Degree Smart Spin

go fans

There is an easy way to stay cool on the go and it’s with the Go Fan! Don’t worry about not being near an outlet because you do not need one.

Go Fan is the portable, cordless and mobile fan that you can make use of anywhere! It uses fully flexible, 360 ° smart spin innovation that makes it easy to get the airflow just where you want it. The cordless power from this gadget is the best means to beat the heat and humidity!

Beat the heat with this awesome fan! It is compact, portable and also cordless! Have you ever heard of a cordless fan? It can run for up to a full 8 hours.

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Think of all the places you can use a Go Fan. How about at the beach? Or simply in your backyard. Have it to help cool you down at night when you go to sleep. This is really a very innovative fan.

The Go Fan is a transportable powerhouse. One quicky charge and you’ll harness the entire vigor you need to cool you down anytime, anyplace. Go Fan uses fully adjustable, 360 wise spin technology! Go Fan really is a fan of the future!

It can be so simple! Simply flip the dial to increase the fan pace. Low and gradual or crank it for massive flow. The strong clip locks it down. Use it at work, on your nightstand and even the beach. Extension cords are a pain to set up and batteries can be expensive to keep replacing.

Adjustable 360 ° clever spin modern technology moves cooling air in any type of direction. The convenient clip enables you to point at almost virtually any kind of area. Keep your hands totally free and cool your body down. Tiny, but powerful, you are sure to find the Go Fan handy in many situations.