Flex Tape Adhesive Waterproof Tape, 3 Sizes

Flex Tape Super Strong Water Proof Tape

Flex Tape is the best super resilient waterproof tape. It is from the manufacturers of the Flex Seal items, the Swift Company!

The supersolid tape stops cracks and leaks right away. So strong, it works underwater. So perfect for pool liner leaks. Fix swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s without even having to drain them.

Flex Tape currently comes in 3 sizes, big, jumbo, and giant. They made it available in vast patch dimensions to cover the bigger openings less complicated.

Rubberized Waterproof Tape

Flex Tape is a solid rubberized waterproof tape that promptly covers, bonds, seals & repairs practically anything. The triple thick adhesive virtually welds itself to most surfaces and is readily available in huge dimensions to spot huge holes. Flex Tape can be applied hot or chilly, wet or dry, and even underwater, as it quickly stops the most difficult leakages.

This item is fantastic for emergency repair situations on inflatables and inflatable beds. Maintain some tape in the house, the office, the garage, and your cars and truck. 

Use Flex Tape on Many Surfaces

Here are just a couple of things you could use this excellent sturdy waterproof tape on, copper, porcelain, acrylic, PVC, floor tile, glass, rock, ceramic, timber, lightweight aluminum, steel, steel, fiberglass, drywall, roofing, plastic, stucco and so far more!

Why wait? Stop calling a maintenance specialist when you can fix things yourself. This powerful adhesive tape instantly bonds and seals. Repair virtually anything and save money fixing things yourself.

Order Your Flex Tape Today! It comes in Black and White!