California Charcoal Mask Black Face Peel

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California Charcoal Mask

The California Charcoal Peel Off mask helps to remove ugly blackheads, hydrates your skin and unclogs pores. This unique charcoal peel is made of rosemary, charcoal, clay, and eucalyptus.

California Charcoal Mask - Black Peel Off Mask

The California Charcoal Mask in a tube activated black charcoal mask. This peel off mask was made in California. It is gluten free, sulfate free, phthalate free and GMO-free.

California Charcoal Black Mask removes blackheads, cleans pores. California Charcoal, as seen on tv, maybe the best new home peel created using all-natural active elements that extract blackheads, scrubs, soothe inflamed skin and also acts as a deep pore cleanser.

Activated California Charcoal Mask

Using California Charcoal is very easy. Merely include a thick layer of the black peel off mask to seal your face, stay clear of the eye location. Let it dry. From then on peel it off. You’re left with rejuvenated pores along with a brighter, more healthy looking skin. California Charcoal is the only blackhead elimination mask you’ll need.

Eliminates blackheads rapidly and conveniently! The key is the mixture of activated charcoal, rosemary along with eucalyptus essence to reduce the appearance of pores along with exfoliating! The proof remains in the peel!

Exfoliates cleanses pores and in addition, takes in excess oil. Leave behind expensive facials, peels off or uncomfortable squeezing. Removes micro hairs for the brighter looking skin tone.

Experience blackheads or oily skin? California Charcoal Mask is the best at-home peeling face mask that draws out gross blackheads, cleanses pores, and also pulls in oil. It’s created using helpful components like activated charcoal, clay, rosemary, and eucalyptus that extract blackheads and germs, moisten, relieve aggravated skin, and also work as a deep pore cleanser. The proof is in the peel!

Clear your face pores using this Activated Charcoal Mask. It is excellent for removing excess oil, blackheads in addition to peach fuzz to supply you a tidy as well as glowing complexion. To make use of just merely use, let it completely dry, and from then on take it off to disclose more clear skin.