Atomic Lighter with USB Electric Charge Lighter TV Offer

As Seen On TV, Atomic Lighter Double Offer

The Atomic Lighter is a handy rechargeable lighter that should work anytime and anywhere! It even works in the rain and wind.

The Last Lighter You Will Ever Need to Buy!

Have you ever tried to like your smoke in the rain or when it is winding? It can take many tries with traditional lighters, and you still might not get the cigarette lit.

Always Have Fire When You Need It!

These impressive digital lighter lights in the rainfall– will not blow out in the wind! Lights the first time– and also whenever you press the switch! Atomic Lighter doesn’t need gas or butane and swiftly charges through a USB cord (consisted of). Fires up over 100 times on a single charge. Great for picnics, emergencies, and outdoor camping!

The well-made lighter is rechargeable and works to create a fire without hazardous chemicals. This atomic gadget is eco-friendly & windproof and is also excellent for cigarettes, slim cigars, candles, etc.

Atomic Lighter uses electro-plasma arc innovation to make it possible for light without creating a flame, making it fire-safe. The tactical lighter is rechargeable and functions to build a fire without harsh or harmful chemicals. Atomic Lighter is environment-friendly & windproof and is terrific for cigarettes, slim cigars, candles, etc.

Electro-Plasma Technology

Atomic Lighter uses an arc by electro-plasma technology to start a light without even producing a flame, making it safer than traditional lighters. The tactical lighter is entirely rechargeable as well as functions without harmful chemicals. The Lighter is environment-friendly & windproof and works well-lighting cigarettes, slim stogies, candle lights, etc.

This lighter lights the first time and can quickly light in even rain or high winds. It creates an arc that burns without butane or gas from an electric charge. You press a button, and it should always be light, even when it is wet out! You can charge it using a USB cord. You can get up to 100 lights on just one single charge. The lighter should last you a lifetime and is built atomic tough. Don’t worry; it comes with a USB charging cable.