5 Minute Chef Red Copper Two Sided Red Grill

5 Minute Chef by Red Copper with Cathy Mitchell

The 5 Minute Chef takes up very little space on your countertop. It is made from a  non-stick, anti-scratch ceramic copper material that can make cooking meals quick and easy!

Prepare Meals Faster

Prepare meals faster versus preheating your oven! Pour in those tasty ingredients, secure the top, and just five minutes later, have dinner ready for the table because it cooks from the top and bottom base, so it is delicious thru-and-thru!

If you were to use the stove, you’d remain to wait as the oven pre-heats! No waiting, no flipping, and no mess! Great for paninis, burgers, omelets, grilled cheese, chicken, and more! It also makes tasty desserts. You can cook up many 5-minute chef meals on this grill.

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef

Non-Stick Ceramic Grill As Seen On TV

Because the grill uses non-stick ceramic, it is straightforward to wash! The electric dual-sided grill pan is copper-infused and made from stainless steel with a ceramic cooking area that’s non-stick, scratch-resistant, and even heating. Food slides right out with every piece intact! To clean, wipe by having a damp cloth. BONUS recipe and spatula guide included!

Think of the excellent omelets you can create in minutes or cook up hot dogs quickly for a hearty lunch. What ould you make in this meal maker grill advertised on television? Many Red Copper products are made for the kitchen to help make mealtime more comfortable and quicker. There will be many 5 Minute Chef recipes you can find online. What will be your first meal? Eggs for breakfast, a burger for lunch, or some fish for dinner. You can even make desserts inside the grill.

Home Cooked Meals in Minutes with this Countertop Grill

The meal maker for anyone. You can make home-cooked dishes in minutes with this dual-sided grill. It’s perfect for the dormitory and small flats/apartments. 5 Minute Chef takes up very little space on your countertop or cupboards. You will not need disarray of other non-stick kitchenware or an arsenal of cooking pans to prepare a nourishing meal. From eggs to dump muffins and cakes, 5 Minute Chef cooks dishes in minutes.

5 Minute Chef Dual Sided Grill

Cathy Mitchell endorses many Red Copper kitchen items. She makes it look easy to prepare a tasty meal for your family in less time.

Want to Cook a Meal in a Flash?