Xhose Pro Extreme Expandable Garden Hose by Dap

xhose by dap as seen on tv

Xhose Pro Extreme As Seen On TV Black Hose

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25′ Expandable XHOSE
50′ Expandable XHOSE
75′ Expandable X-Hose

The X-Hose Pro Extreme the incredible expanding black hose. It is tremendously tough as well as long lasting however at the same time ultra light in weight. It will not twist, twist or kink.

It instantly grows up to 3 times its dimension when the water is activated and runs through it. The XHose Pro Extreme by Dap is unlike any type of kind of lawn hose you may have ever used.No more tangled hose lines. As water flows through it you will see it expand.

X-HOSE Extreme Weighs ONLY 1 POUND, so its lighter and more maneuverable than other hoses, letting you move and work without back-breaking pulling or winding. Expands up to 3x its length, and automatically retracts for quick and easy storage!

Xhose Pro Extreme