Window Wonderland Star Shower Holiday Projector

Window Wonderland Star Shower

Window Wonderland may be the best innovative projector for special occasions, transforming just about any window into stunning movie displays from inside and outside.

Transform routine home windows into stunning displays for passers-by and your family indoors. Window Wonderland may become your favorite way to transform your home’s glass windows into holiday movie shows.

With the touch of a switch, you can display incredible movies for many to see. Window Wonderland is straightforward to use and is placed on a stand. Surprise your guests this Holiday.

Choose the movie you want to display and begin the stunning show. Window Wonderland Projector includes a flexible stand to adjust to just the correct and ideal position. Place the 4 x 6 plastic screen on a window. The single-touch switch starts the flicks together with the press of a button. There’s absolutely no setup that makes for easy installation!

Window Wonderland Star Shower

Window Wonderland Star Shower is just like a classic Hollywood camera and additionally employs the projection of fun and animated flicks. Remain warm and comfy indoors as the scenes begin projecting outdoors.

Decorating for special events, parties, special occasions, and family get-togethers can require some time. The projector has twelve built-in movies, 6 Halloween and 6 Christmas flicks. You may end up installing the same stuff every year. Not anymore! Go from average to extraordinary. Window Wonderland Star Shower makes decorating and celebrating easy. Set the projector near any window, turn on the projector, and the fun begins!

Bring your home to life this Holiday Season and transform your windows in seconds into a fantastic movie show! The Window Wonderland Star Shower is very easy to set up. Stop dealing with tangled lights.