Wahl Hair Trimmer with Vacuum for Men – Trim, Groom Beard

wahl vac trimmer

The Wahl Vacuum Trimmer System is designed for those who are trying to find a high-quality groomer. This ingenious style, along with the Trim-n-Vac’s capacity to run without a cord, make the trimmer perfect for people on the go with a hectic schedule. Very convenient when you need a quick cut while in the car or at the flight terminal.

Wahl’s Trim and Vac beard and also mustache above the lip trimmer has a vacuum consumption section at the head of the trimmer to grab as well as attract cut facial hair into a special chamber at the electric shaver’s base. The vacuum is at minimum 85 percent efficient (relying on the length of the hair is reduced), and also the collection chamber is easy to open up as well as clean.

Wahl Lithium Ion Vacuum Trimmer | Keep Facial Hair Neat & Clean‎

From a style perspective, the Wahl wins hands down. The Wahl trimmer product line for men provides you with all-in-one body care. Enjoy precision, long-lasting results.

This can be one serious trimmer providing you with just about everything you’ll be able to hope to get from a power shaver. The trimmer has a head that rotates 90 degrees to expose either a large reducing blade for beards or a blade for cutting edges and the lip line. An 11-position trimmer’s head to provide regular and risk-free tapering and also trimming of your beard and mustache.

wahl vac trimmer

Why is the Wahl Vac Trimmer a Great Choice?

  1. You can use it with the cord or cordless
  2. Has a self-contained vacuum system that catches the hair as you cut
  3. The charge can last almost 3 times longer than other trimmers
  4. Very sleek comfortable handheld design
  5. Delivers an exceptional, precision cut

The 11 settings range from an elevation that tackles longer hairs (as an example, if you are slashing off your beard) right to a slight height for trimming everyday stubble. For comfort, the beard regulatory keeps in mind the last collection length elevation up until you decide to change it. For extra convenience during shaving, the Groomsman has a contoured ergonomic well-positioned thumb-operated power button.