Tree Dazzler Light Show Easy to Install Vertical Lights

Tree Dazzler the Best Christmas Tree Light with a Light Show!

The Tree Dazzler is the vertical Christmas tree light show from the makers of Star Shower! Lights are easy to install and controlled with a remote. Start the fantastic light show with the touch of a button.

If you are trying to figure out how you can light a Christmas tree this holiday season, then Tree Dazzler is for you. Slide the Tree lights over your tree’s tip-top and organize the vertical light strands for instant decorating. There are eight strands of 8 lights on each. That’s 64 beautiful as well as bright lights!

As Seen on TV, Star Shower Tree Dazzler from BulbHead

Don’t dread and put off hanging lights on the tree any longer. Just easily slip the ring around the very top of the tree and let the eight vertical strands of bulbs hang down for simple arrangement.

These Christmas lights are easy to install. You just merely put the ring over the top of the tree. Following plugging it right into a standard wall surface outlet, You could captivate your audience with a button touch. Change the patterns of the light show. The lights could strobe in intense, sparkling colors, and they can start alternating scrolling patterns.

Push-button control makes it easy to choose light systems and shade alternatives. Alternate shades into a candy-cane pattern of red and white.  Installs in seconds 64 impressive animated lights with over 15 lights styles!

So go ahead and add beautiful colorful LED lights to your tree without the mess. It has 64 impressive animated lights with many dazzling lights styles, flashing, solid, shimmer, waves, and more!

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