Table Mate Portable TV Tray

Table Mate is Like Having 18 Tables in One

You can great use with the Table Mate for eating food, using as a notebook computer table, as a study work desk, reading, writing, drawing, board games, designs, arts and crafts, trade shows, gardening, and more.  It is the perfect table with a separate cup holder.

Why should you buy the Table-Mate?

• Table Mate is the most comfortable portable table around
• Comes with a built-in the cup holder! Which helps to avoid spilled drinks!
• It slides right to you
• Adjusts to 6 different heights and 3 angles
• Like having 18 tables in 1
• Ideal for those with limited space and mobility
• Holds up to 50 LBS
• Folds flat for storage or stacks for convenience

Adjustable tv tray table for use from the couch, bed, or chair.  The table adjusts and folds easily and excellent space saver.

The impressive, multi-functional Table Mate comes in white! The ergonomically designed best of the Table Mate TV tray is suitable for consuming food, reading, writing, painting, puzzles or as a home office workstation! The tv tray readjusts in both height and position and folds up down totally for handy storage and convenience. If you work from home, the Tablemate makes a great small notebook desk so you could operate from the couch. Give the Table Mate a try as an eating area, job area or bed holder!

A great table to use while watching tv and eating a tv dinner. People like to watch television and snack on food or eat their meals. The tablemate is the perfect table for this. The table is very lightweight so it is easy to move from room to room. Even take it on the road with you.