Sweet Dream Blackberries Jumbo Sized

With Sweet Dream Blackberries, You Can Start Your Own Blackberry Farm!

Sweet Dream Blackberries are a Good Plant to Grow Because:
• They Are Jumbo Sized!
• They Are as Sweet as Nectar
• The Blackberry Plants Produce 20 Bowls Per Week
• Get a Bountiful Harvest All Year Long

Blackberries burst with vitamins and are extraordinarily high in fiber and antioxidants than any other fruit.

Blackberries are a delicious edible fruit with many nutritious health factors. They are great to have as a quick snack, add to cereal and ice cream, and use in the batter when making pancakes and muffins. They are also delicious mixed with vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender—a very yummy blackberry milkshake. Sweet Dream Blackberries are plants that let you grow sweet, delicious blackberries in your backyard. Produce 20 bowls a week. Start your blackberry farm!