Stream Clean Blast Away Pet Stains and Odors

Stream Clean with Code Yellow Spray Can

Blast away pet stains and smelly odors with Stream Clean while standing up. This is a powerful cleaning spray that cleans and eliminates odors all at once.

If you are a pet odor then you are sure to know how hard it is keeping your home stain-free and odor-free from your animals.

Stream Clean Great Features and Benefits

No bending and no scrubbing! Just point and spray it does all the work! Enzyme action cleans deep to eliminate stains and odors. Save hundreds on cleaning, and thousands on replacement costs!

This cleaning spray is so easy to use. Just spray the can, stream, and your carpets are smelling nice and should be spotless. Keep your home smelling great. People may even not realize that you have pets.

Stream Clean – The Stand-Up Way to Blast Pet Stains & Odors Away

Just point and stream and your carpet get clean. Don’t let nasty stains ruin the look of your carpet.

Merely point and stream and your carpeting get clean! Stream Clean penetrates spots and odors to ensure that pets don’t re-mark and re-spray, going deep within enzyme activity to remove all indications of the mess and odor. It’s safe to use around your animals and you, and there’s no sticky deposit! Plus, it’s not just for animal spots! Use this spray can to clean a red wine tarnish or other problems! New, old, or set-in, your messes, and stains are gone! Plus, you’ll get a mini-black light, so spots are simple to find!

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