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Scalp Med works under your skin, in the follicle at the root of where the problem is. Your hair gets revitalized at the bulb, and then new healthy hair should start to grow in. Many people around the world have seen beautiful results using Scalp Med.

So start growing your hair back, and make sure you take photos every few weeks to keep track of your results and see your hair grow in front of your own eyes. Remember, Scalp Med works, but only if you use it. So start today.

Male pattern baldness is related mainly to one’s hair follicles’ genetic predisposition on predetermined sections of the scalp, becoming susceptible to the hormone DHT. As we approach a genetically predetermined age, there can be a gradual constriction of the blood flow to the hair bulb.

This constriction of blood flow weakens the bulb causing it to detach and fall out, often prematurely. The new hair that grows into this follicle subsequently comes into a weakened follicle with less blood flow.

Thus, the new hair is weaker and thinner than the old coat. This cycle keeps repeating until, eventually, the follicle cannot create new, growing hair, which leads to baldness. Start growing your hair back with the Scalp Med formulas.

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