Project Hope 90 Day Workout with Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons Project Hope – Get The Body You Deserve

Project HOPE is Richard Simmons’ most recent and most effective fat loss workout system featuring 9 all-new workout programs made to improve your body in just 90 days. Project HOPE can help you burn up to 3X more fat than with traditional cardio alone. Plus, you’ll HAVE FUN while you do it!

Richard Simmons began his weight-loss career by opening a gym called Slimmons in Beverly Hills, California, catering to the overweight. He became widely known through exposure on television and the popularity of his consumer products. You may remember him from his acting days on The Soap Opera General Hospital. He is often parodied and is a frequent guest on late-night television talk shows, such as the Late Show with David Letterman. Simmons continues to promote health.

Millions of us struggle with eating too much and unhealthy foods causing us to become overweight. Richard has been in these shoes. As a child, he suffered from being bullied and being overweight. People teased him and made fun of him. This caused him to become a compulsive eater. He tried to lose weight, but his attempts were all the wrong ways to lose weight. But 1 day, he finally woke up and figured out and decided to do it the right way. You have to tackle it from within and change the way you live. Above all, you need to believe in yourself and have hope that you can do it and know that you are worth it.

That’s how he came up with the new progressive 90-Day program Project H.O.P.E. Because hope is the most powerful tool that anyone can give, and he wants you to have hope to drive the changes that you need to make so that you can change your life. H.O.P.E. stands for HEALTH, OPTIMISM, PASSION, and ENERGY. Health, because we need it to live long, active lives; Optimism, to believe that you CAN do it; Passion, to wake-up every single day and make your health a priority and Energy to

Richard Simmons Project Hope