Pocket Hose Top Brass Ultra Expandable Full Size Hose

Pocket Hose Top Brass Ultra

The lightweight expandable easy to store Pocket Hose Top Brass comes in 4 sizes, 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet. It can fit into your pocket but grows to a full-size when water runs through it.

There is a brand new TV commercial for the eco-friendly increasing yard garden hose! TV host and personality Richard Karn, likewise called “Al” from the program Home Improvement, stars in the brand-new paid announcement for the Pocket Hose! Karn is likewise a big fan of this product and likes the kink-free functionality.

If you have a spray nozzle, you can attach it to the end of the Pocket Hose. When you’re done, switch off the water system and drain it completely. As you’re doing that, the Pocket Hose Top Brass will certainly start getting smaller to its original dimension. As soon as the hose is completely empty of water, put the ON/OFF lever to the “OFF” position. Detach the nozzle if you with the used of one.

Pocket Hose Top Brass 3 Times Stronger! Other garden hoses can be difficult to store, and hard to use. They can be massive and very heavy hoses which can end up knotted! The pocket hose promises to never ever give you these sort of troubles. Simply turn on the water and it expands to fifty feet and shrinks back done when it’s done.