Pedispin Ultimate Foot Smoothing Tool

PediSpin Get Smooth Soft Feet

Get rid of painful calluses in minutes with the PediSpin Foot Smoothing Tool. The automatic callus remover can groom your feet perfectly. The rough buffing head on the foot tool removes your rough, dry patches’ ugly calluses and dead skin.

The PediSpin Foot Smoothing Tool has a low speed for rough, dry skin and a high rate for tough calluses. Have your foot spa at home. You can use it on your heels, soles, and even your toes.

With the PediSpin, you can have silky, soft feet that are so smooth and soft to the touch.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable calluses in minutes with PediSpin, the automated callus remover that brushes your feet perfectly. The turning buffing head gets rid of dry, rugged patches, awful calluses, and dead skin. PediSpin is the best foot-smoothing wonder!

The precision, stainless steel micro files are adequate to peel away rough calluses, yet PediSpin is so gentle that it won’t damage a balloon!  It has two precision performances: good performance for rough, dry skin and high speed for difficult calluses.

Use it on your heels, your soles, and your toes. With PediSpin, you’ll appreciate sleek, hot feet that are smooth and soft to the touch!