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Tiger Wrench As Seen On TV Must Have Tool!

Tiger Wrench is a Powerful Tool That Combines 48 Tools Into One!

Tiger Wrench is the socket wrench that replaces an entire socket set that fits 48 sizes of bolts in a straightforward tool. The swiveling head and rotating adjustments let you find the size you need quickly and easily at any angle and have an attached magnet to hold bolts securely. The Tiger Wrench replaces big, bulky socket and wrench tool kits, as it works with spline bolts, 6-point, 12-point, Torx, square, and even damaged bolts.

The uniquely designed tool combines 48 tools into one and makes any repair quick & straightforward! By simply clicking between the different sizes, you instantly have the tool you need for the job! Tiger Wrench™ is fast, and you need fast! With Tiger Wrench™, you’ll always have the right tool for the job.

Tiger Wrench lets you work at a 45° angle! The Tiger Wrench is handy, convenient & saves you time! Tackle projects around the house, on the road, on the job, anywhere! This professional-grade tool is designed with a 360° rotating head that quickly changes to the size you need—no more struggling to find the right-size socket head! No more lugging around heavy toolboxes. With this one wrench, take the guesswork out of your projects and make them faster & easier!

This professional-grade tool is designed with a 360-degree rotating head that quickly changes to the size you need—no more struggling to find the right-size socket head—no more lugging around heavy toolboxes. With this one wrench, take the guesswork out of your projects and make them faster & easier.
  • 48-in-1 Professional Multi-Socket Wrench 360-Degree Rotating Heads – Changes Quickly Between sizes
  • Made of Pro-Grade Alloy Steel Construction for Superior strength
  • Unique Design Also Works at 45-degree angles
  • Rubberized Grip for Comfort & control
  • Great for Auto, Home, Outdoors & More

Tiger Wrench can click to a 45-degree angle to get those difficult-to-reach nuts and bolts. Tiger Wrench is a thick, heavy-duty, professional tool designed to tackle all your projects around the house, in the shop, or on the job!


Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet – Cordless Cleaning Machine

Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet

Hoover Floormate Jet is the hard floor vacuum cleaner that also washes hard surface floors and area rugs! The ONEPWR battery powers this cordless device. Vacuum and wash using one machine. No more a ton of steps. Hoover ONEPWR JET incredibly vacuum cleaners and cleans at the same time, and grabs both damp & completely dry messes to make cleaning time easier! ONEPWR FloorMate Jet is the one-step cleansing system!

Hoover Jet Vacuum is the hard flooring cleaner and also a rug clean refresher! With cordless convenience powered by a battery. Every ONEPWR cell works with every ONEPWR product, so you can construct the cordless cleaning system that helps you! Vacuum and also wash for a one-step clean.

Now quite a few more tasks can be done with this one machine. It is a great vacuum that also washes. It again picks up both damp & dry messes to make cleaning easier! The FloorMate Jet is a one-step cleaning system! The Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate JET is one of the best and optimal top-performance cleaning system choices.


This Hoover ONEPWR Hoover FloorMate JET vacuums and cleans at the same time. It also does it without the use of an electrical cord! Just pick it up and power on. There’s no connecting to an outlet.  No cord tangling, and also hassle-free! A robust lithium-ion battery powers it. It is the same battery type that powers high-performance power tools! The FloorMate JET provides impressive cleaning efficiency that matches a corded vacuum cleaner. And, yet with the premium unrestricted reach of cordless comfort. Unlike other cordless cleaners with built-in batteries that make you wait to re-energize with ONEPWR, switch in a new battery, and you are on your go without any DELAY!

Cleaning Hard Surface Floors, Just Got Easier, and also Faster with Hoover!

Household New Products

Go Fan Cordless Powerful 360 Degree Smart Spin

There is an easy way to stay cool on the go, and it’s with the Go Fan! Don’t worry about not being near an outlet because you do not need one.

Go Fan is a portable, cordless, and mobile fan that you can use anywhere! It uses a fully flexible, 360 ° smart spin innovation that makes it easy to get the airflow just where you want it. The cordless power from this gadget is the best means to beat the heat and humidity!

Beat the heat with this impressive fan! It is compact, portable, and also cordless! Have you ever heard of a cordless fan? It can run for up to a total of 8 hours.

Order Your Cordless Go Fan Today!

Think of all the places you can use a Go Fan. How about at the beach? Or only in your backyard. Have it to help cool you down at night when you sleep.

The Go Fan is a portable powerhouse. One quick charge, and you’ll harness the entire vigor you need to cool you down anytime, anyplace. Go Fan uses fully adjustable, 360 innovative spin technology! Go Fan is a fan of the future!

It can be so simple! Flip the dial to increase the fan pace. Low and gradual, or crank it for massive flow. The strong clip locks it down. Use it at work, on your nightstand, and even on the beach. Extension cords are a pain to set up, and batteries can be expensive to keep replacing.

Adjustable 360 ° innovative spin modern technology moves cooling air in any direction. The convenient clip enables you to point at almost virtually any area. Keep your hands free and cool your body down. Tiny but mighty, you will find the Go Fan handy in many situations.


Hoover SmartWash Powerful Pet Carpet Cleaner TV Offer

Hoover SmartWash Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover SmartWash needs to be the most effective full-size carpet cleaner. No need to pay a professional carpet cleaner. Do it yourself to save time as well as money! Push forward to wash and pull back to dry. It’s like vacuuming.

That easy! Take the guesswork out of cleaning carpets with the Hoover SmartWash! The Hoover SmartWash PET Complete Automatic Carpet Washer is easy to use as the original SmartWash. Push forward to clean and pull back to dry. No trigger and no mixing solutions. It’s as easy as vacuuming. And the SmartWash PET Complete is designed specifically for homes with pets. Use the Spot Chaser™ Pretreat Wand to pretreat stains before you clean or go.

Remove dirt that is embedded deep down in the carpet with FlexForce PowerBrushes. Auto Mix precisely mixes and dispenses the correct amount for optimal cleaning while Auto Dry removes water with HeatForce.

The Hoover Smart Wash Carpet Cleaner removes the uncertainty with Automatic Cleaning Technology, making carpet cleaning as simple as vacuuming. Merely push in front of you to clean and pull back to dry. No measuring. No headache. Exceptionally easy & incredibly powerful.

Which Hoover Carpet Cleaner Is The Best?

The Smart Wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner is an excellent stain removal and has some great innovative features. If you want to save money cleaning your rugs, you may want to check this machine from Hoover.

With this incredible machine from Hoover, cleaning your carpets is as easy as vacuuming!

Wash and also dry rugs quickly with this Hoover SmartWash automated rug cleaner. Pushing in front of you cleans the carpeting while pulling back, turns on the Auto Dry innovation to pull in the water, and applies heat to dry the carpet. The AutoMix attribute of this SmartWash Automatic Rug Cleaner mixes and dispenses a cleaning solution, so you don’t need to guess the right amount. The Hoover SmartWash is a carpet cleaner that has exceptionally streamlined the procedure to shampoo carpets. It’s additionally one of the most efficient carpet cleaning gadgets you can obtain today. It’s the latest from Hoover and has many great features to help simplify the cleaning process!

Pet Hoover Smartwash Rug Cleaner


Nectar Mattress Experience a Comfortable Sleep at an Inexpensive Price

Nectar Mattress 365 Day Trial

Nectar Sleep Company has figured out the best techniques to package impressive comfort and more significant-top quality construction into a mattress at a far better price. The bed arrives compressed and in a blue bag. Just open it up, remove the packaging and watch it expand right before your eyes!

Nectar’s Cooling Cover with Tencel is moisture-wicking, breathable, and softer than standard cotton covers. Two layers of Gel Memory Foam help Nectar circulate air, distribute weight, and contour your body. Whether you’re a back, side, or front sleeper, Nectar molds to your body, providing ultimate support.

What Nectar Mattress Commercial

Do you want a great mattress will top of the line materials cheap?

Compared to other top-of-the-line mattresses, the Nectar Mattress is well-made and inexpensive. It was developed with supreme quality, a great warranty, and an exceptional I-year trial.

Are you interested in the Tempurpedic Bed experience? Nectar measures up to various Tempurpedic mattresses, and you won’t pay the large up-charge for the brand name.

Does your present mattress cause you to be hot when napping or sleeping?

The Nectars Sleep mattresses have a memory foam gel-infused to maintain the bed much more relaxed than a standard memory foam mattress.

Does it concern you to purchase a nectar sleep mattress online? You will get an entire year to test out the Nectar Bedding!

Are you using an adjustable base? If your posse or want to acquire an adjustable base, the mattress bends, so it should work well on this platform.

Nectar Sleep Mattresses Construction

Tencel fabric will be a smooth and highly breathable product. It is much more relaxed than cotton and also assists in wicking away wetness. It has a layer that is a quilted gel memory foam.

Another layer is called Hi Core Polyurethane Foam. A thick foam also is terrific for pressure and pain alleviation. Ultimately, the bottom layer is a rigid foam layer for tremendous support.

The Nectar Sleep Experience!

Your cloud-like Nectar Mattress offers you the assistance of a firm mattress. using the comfort of a cushion top to comfortably get a deeper sleep without pain

You will get an ultimate mattress experience without losing sleep over the great low price tag!

Yet, could you not take their word for this? Try it out in your own home with a worry-free guarantee and free shipping!

Order Your Nectar Mattress Today and Get Free Shipping!

Household Toys

Star Shower Slide Show Laser Light Slideshow on Your House

Star Shower Slide Show the Best Way to Decorate Your Home Indoors and Out!

With the Star Shower Slide Show, you can transform your home from dark to spectacular. The laser light slideshow is very bright and has many choices to match just about any celebrations theme. Quit battling with your twisted Christmas lights and show stunning designs on your property!

The slideshow projector lets you project holiday slides onto your walls or house. String lights are a hassle to hold, as many are just suitable for two holidays. Star Shower enables you to commemorate your holidays that are your favorite slideshow projector.

Star Shower Slideshow lets you project holiday slides onto your walls or house. String lights are a hassle to put up as well as many are just suitable for a few holidays. It enables you to commemorate your favorite holidays with one slideshow projector.

Star Shower Slide Show showcases bright colors!

Pick from Christmas slides, Halloween slides, and other celebration slides.  You can get many fun slides to showcase Holidays, birthdays, and even a patriotic slideshow. Engineered with Easy Slide tech, it is a surge of lights in addition to shades. A super-efficient product with intense LED lights permits images to dance over your home.

The slideshow product includes a weather-resistant casing. You can present brilliant slide programs through the first wintertime snow or a heavy springtime rainfall! The weather-resistant housing your Star Shower Slide Show to run between -30- degrees Fahrenheit to 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

As Seen On TV Slideshow Indoors

Bring the ongoing celebration, Indoors! Want to relocate the ongoing festival in your home? No trouble! Use the included interior base to show a celebratory slideshow in your residence. Star Shower Slide Show works ideal in dark rooms, so make sure your room is dark enough to see the slide projector display screens. The interior base is just an excellent solution for people who are incapable of using outdoors. Star Shower SlideShow can be a means that is enjoyable to enhance apartments, basements, and also great rooms!

Order the Star Shower Slide Show – Have the Best Decorated House on the Block!

Household Pets & Animals

Hurricane Fur Wizard Self Cleaning Lint Brush with Two Sides

Hurricane Fur Wizard – Hair and Pet Fur Lint Remover

With the Fur Wizard, you can easily remove dirty fur, lint, and hair from your car’s upholstery, clothing, and other fabrics. User-friendly, glide the wand over the messy material to eliminate the lint and then dip the wand once in the base to thoroughly clean it.

Hurricane Fur Wizard is a self-cleaning lint brush. One dip in the self-cleaning base eliminates fur and hair with a fast glide of this brush.

If you have family pets, you would most definitely want a pet hair eliminator. Let Hurricane Fur Wizard take on the impossible task of eliminating unwanted animal hair and dust from your furniture and clothes. The Hurricane Lint Brush catches fur swiftly and efficiently with the double-sided wand, plus size. It gets hair and dust in two times the time of an ordinarily sized lint brush.

As Seen On TV, Hurricane Fur Lint Brush Wizard Picks Up Pet Fur & Lint

The technique to the product’s success has to be the hundreds of mini bristles that act like fingers getting hold of every last little hair and lint fuzz. The self-cleaning base uses its mini strands to brush Fur Wizard clean. After that, remove the base clip to empty! This product is much better than using those annoying tape rollers that call for so many sheets and can be a pain to tear off and find the next tape’s start.

The double-sided lint brush is multi-use and very easy to keep clean. There are no refills needed, no tape, and no mess! It’s a must-have for every pet owner!

Easy to use. To ensure your Hurricane Fur Wizard functions correctly, brush away hair and dust going towards the arrow.

As Seen On TV, Hurricane Fur Wizard

DIY Household

Flex Tape Adhesive Waterproof Tape, 3 Sizes

Flex Tape Super Strong Water Proof Tape

Flex Tape is the best super resilient waterproof tape. It is from the manufacturers of the Flex Seal items, the Swift Company!

The supersolid tape stops cracks and leaks right away. So strong, it works underwater. So perfect for pool liner leaks. Fix swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s without even having to drain them.

Flex Tape currently comes in 3 sizes, big, jumbo, and giant. They made it available in vast patch dimensions to cover the bigger openings less complicated.

Rubberized Waterproof Tape

Flex Tape is a solid rubberized waterproof tape that promptly covers, bonds, seals & repairs practically anything. The triple thick adhesive virtually welds itself to most surfaces and is readily available in huge dimensions to spot huge holes. Flex Tape can be applied hot or chilly, wet or dry, and even underwater, as it quickly stops the most difficult leakages.

This item is fantastic for emergency repair situations on inflatables and inflatable beds. Maintain some tape in the house, the office, the garage, and your cars and truck. 

Use Flex Tape on Many Surfaces

Here are just a couple of things you could use this excellent sturdy waterproof tape on, copper, porcelain, acrylic, PVC, floor tile, glass, rock, ceramic, timber, lightweight aluminum, steel, steel, fiberglass, drywall, roofing, plastic, stucco and so far more!

Why wait? Stop calling a maintenance specialist when you can fix things yourself. This powerful adhesive tape instantly bonds and seals. Repair virtually anything and save money fixing things yourself.

Order Your Flex Tape Today! It comes in Black and White!

Household Special Deals

Hurricane Spin Scrubber Cordless Power Scrubber Bathroom Tool

Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Using the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a huge time saver for cleaning up bathrooms and other home areas. Spin Scrubber is a rugged cordless power scrubber.

When cleaning up the bathroom, it’s best to begin cleaning from top to bottom; this should save some steps. To clean gunk and soap scum off the tub and shower, you may use a two-step procedure. Scrub the area with the Hurricane Spin Scrubber white bristle brush to loosen grime, making it easier to clean.

Clean Shower and Tub in 30 Seconds

The Hurricane Scrubber rinses and cleanses your shower and tub in 30 seconds. Say goodbye to bending over to clean the tub or stretching to get to the shower’s top. Spin Scrubber features three scrubbing heads as well as an expansion pole.

Okay, let’s talk baseboards. Do you cleanse your baseboards often? Probably not; they are just such a pain. Not now, with this fantastic scrubbing tool. The As Seen On TV scrubber gets rid of soap residue quickly. It scrubs grout and molds away. It makes it possible to clean the tub and shower and even the tracks and edges.

Precisely what are you want? Make your chores less time-consuming. Share one with a friend, a unique online double offer. Do 300 scrubs per minute and scrubs dust away without all those harsh, stinky chemicals?

Gadgets Household Outdoors

1Tac Tactical Pen Multi-Use Self Defense Tool

1Tac Tactical Pen

What is a Tactical Pen? The 1Tac Tactical Pen is a pen, a glass breaker, led light, and a knife all in one tool. This multi-use tool has many great features. 

It would be a good idea to get a few of these pens. Keep one in your car, in a utility drawer, at the office, and in your purse. The 1tac Tactical Pen LED light, tungsten glass breaker tip, removable knife, and ballpoint writing tool.

Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

Did you know that having a 1tac tactical pen in your possession of personal defense products? It is lightweight and sturdy aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum, multi-function, and weatherproof.

To some specialists, the 1TAC Tactical Pen needs to have personal defense products offered on the market today. This pen looks equally as excellent in the conference room as it performs in the area.

Now you can be prepared in an emergency by carrying one of the most versatile, compact, and very discreet things to help save you in emergencies.

The 1Tac Tactical Pen will certainly not just execute well in the field but also attract office attention. This pen is both sturdy and classy. Its streamlined matte black completed with anti-roll, anti-slip diamond laser etching balances entirely in hand. It fits right into the hectic business globe, with the pens selling for hundreds more.

Be prepared in an emergency. This handy tool 1tac tactical pen is good to have in your glove box and keep in your purse. Be sure to get some for other family members. You never know when you will need a light for safety. 

Tactical Ballpoint  Pen 

Also, the 1TAC Tactical Pen incorporates an additional ballpoint refill and two different sets of batteries to power the LED. This pen makes for a beautiful birthday celebration, holiday, or best men present.

You can be prepared for most emergencies by carrying one of the most versatile, compact, and discreet things that can save your life. This multi-function 1tac tactical pen loads a significant punch. Designed from aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum, it flaunts a tungsten steel glass-break tip, a stainless-steel detachable knife-like blade, a blindingly bright LED light, and a smooth-writing rollerball pen.

The 1Tac Tactical Pen allows you to defend yourself without having a knife or pepper spray and does not need you to take years of self-defense training.

Order the 1tac Tactical Pen LED light, glass breaker tip, removable knife, & get up to 75% off!

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