Grab Bags Clip On Shopping Cart Green Bags

Grab Bags Reusable Shopping Bags

Grab Bag is a planet-friendly reusable bag that makes shopping more straightforward and convenient by clipping to your shopping cart.

Grab Bag is a multiple-use shopping bag that clips to your cart while shopping and keeps items safeguarded when you drive, so your products will not tumble over in your trunk. Grab Bags are so functional that you could also bring them to the laundromat, completely dry cleansing, or use them to save playthings or beach supplies. Grab Bags expand.

Since Grab Bags hold more, you can unload your car trunk in just one or two trips. The clip-on bags’ strong eco-friendly material is easy to clean; you wipe with a damp cloth. The material is mildew and mold resistant.  The green eco-friendly bag folds flat to be stored in many places, like your pocketbook, in the glove box, or wherever you choose. It has generous pockets in the front to hold many items, like your wallet, cell phone, coupon book, etc.

Do you belong to one of those shopping clubs that don’t provide bags? These stores are great because you can save by buying in bulk. But then it is no fun bringing the items into the house one by one. Bring the Grab Bags with you when you shop here. The bags can hold up to 40 lbs. Remember, they expand.

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