Flex Shot Super Thick Caulk and Sealer

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Flex Shot New Product by the Makers of Flex Seal

The creators of Flex Seal bring you Flex Shot. It is the revolutionary super thick rubber sealant that caulks, bonds and seals virtually anything.

With the free extension tubes, it even helps to reach those tough repairs that are hard to get to. You will be sure to use this product for many of your home repairs and DIY projects!

Get a Perfect Caulking Bead

Get a perfect bead every time when you use Flex Shot it is so easy to use! You are sure to be amazed at how easy it is to use and what a great job it does stop leaks and sealing cracks.

Flex Seal Comes in Many Colors

The Flex-Seal product comes out nice and thick, comes in many colors, clings to any surface, then turns into a stretchy rubber seal that’s virtually indestructible and sure to last! Unlike other regular caulks that dry out, shrink and crack, this sealer expands and contracts making everything completely waterproof, perfect for a sealer.

And because it’s so thick, you will be able to fill even large cracks and big holes, stopping the toughest leaks right away! Why use those bulky caulking guns? Flex Shot is the clean, neat, and easy way to make repairs with pinpoint accuracy.