Dial Vision Adjustable Far and Near Sighted Eyeglasses

dial vision

Dial Vision is a pair of adjustable focus-controlled glasses. Use the eyeglasses, then readjust the dial to control the magnifying. Great for reading as well as distance. No prescription required. Adapt to what jobs best for your eyes with just a click of a dial.

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Wonder Wallet RFID Wallet – Thin Wallet Layout

Wonder Wallet As Seen On TV

Wonder Wallet RFID Wallet extremely flat wallet that can hold twice as much as ordinary wallets. The neat layout is like a photo album. Wonder Wallet extremely flat wallet that can hold twice as much as regular wallets. The elegant design is like a photo album.

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Instant 20/20 Vision Adjustable Eyeglasses and Readers

Instant 20/20 Glasses

Instant 20/20 adjustable eyeglasses you dial in for clearer vision, instantly. The eyeglasses can be adjusted for far and near sighted vision. They help you to see clearly in just about any situation.

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Diamond Z4 Ring Princess Cut Engagement and Wedding Band

Diamond Z4 Ring – Experience the Brilliance of Flawless Diamonds The Diamond Z4 Ring is beautiful and won’t break the bank.  It is important to the recipient that the engagement jewel is beautiful and stunning regardless of its variety. Diamond bands usually have a sentimental value to them. The rings are mostly used for an engagement and then worn with a wedding […]

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Trendy Top Ultimate Layering Wrap

Trendy Top As Seen On TV Clothing Wrap The ultimate layering accessory for that top that is just a little bit too short. Make sure your back side and front belly area are covered. Trendy Top comes in black, white, beige and gray. The special online offer gets style snaps for free. Put a stop to that muffin top! No […]

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