Battle Balloon Colorurs Burst Water Balloon Filler

Battle Balloons Color Burst Water Balloons

Each Battle Balloon lets you fill up to 40 balloons at once with matching colored water and real fast! With this exclusive online offer, you will get three water balloon tools, valid for 120 balloons.

Be the hit of the neighborhood this summer by having a fun-filled day of water balloon fights! It sure is a fun way to get cooled off during those hot, muggy days.

Ready for the most exciting thing to occur in water balloon fights? Battle Balloon, a Bonanza of colored water balloons! Say goodbye to spilling water and spending hours trying to tie knots. Fill and load 40 balloons at one time in seconds! All you do is connect it to your hose, turn on the water, and enjoy as your balloons expand to the best size. When they’re big enough, they go down right into your pail and are automatically tied! These water balloons are very easy to make; you’ll be all set for a backyard family battle in seconds!

color burst water balloons

Forget about those failed attempts of broken balloons. And as well as the tiring amount of time it took to fill and tie individual balloons. Color Burst Battle Balloon takes all that trouble away. Effortlessly and very fast, be prepared for a water fight quickly and have fun, filling the balloons and tossing them at your intended target. Just attach the pre-packaged attachment to a hose, and you’ll have 40 water balloons all set to make use of in nearly one min.

So if you happen to be the one in charge of the water balloons at the following pool event, no fears, Battle Balloon Bonanza to the rescue; individuals that have no idea about this fantastic gadget will think you invested hours getting the balloons prepared for the event.